Chefmade Kitchen Cooking Timer Adsorption Refrigerator WK9304 Pemasa Penggera Memasak
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Chefmade Kitchen Cooking Alarm Timer Kitchen Timer Wk9304 Pemasa Penggera Memasak


Why choose Chefmade Cooking Timer?

  1. The magnet design on the back is convenient for adsorption on metals such as refrigerators, ovens, disinfection cabinets, etc., which is convenient to use and save space.
  2. Accurate scale Strictly tested with accurate time scale
  3. The numbers are clear and easy to distinguish (The timing ends when the yellow area disappears), which is convenient and practical

Instructions For Use:

  • Please do not let the timer fall, bump or be subject to strong impact;
  • When stains are splashed, please use a cloth dampened with a small amount of neutral detergent and wipe, and then wipe with a dry cloth;
  • Avoid long-term use in humid environments